Miren de Lorgeril - AOC Cabardès

Based in the South of France between Rhone and Pyrenees, this distinguished independent house was created in 1620 by the Famille de Lorgeril, Nicolas de Lorgeril and his wife Miren are the 10th generation of this of family.

Since 1987 they have expanded beyond the Château de Pennautier, their ­historic family home, to include the most ­beautiful terroirs of Languedoc and ­Roussillon. They are now installed on 6 ­estates, 9 appellations, with 14 grape varieties on 350 hectares of vines. They have been awarded the «high ­environmental value» label. Their family has patiently built a ­philosophy and a wine culture. Far removed from passing fads and whims, their aim is to express as naturally as possible the fabulous terroirs of this land of garrigue and mountains, cooled by the Mistral, Cers and Tramontane winds and tempered by the Mediterranean Sea.



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Famille Sumeire - AOP Côtes de Provence

The oldest traces of the Sumeire family are found in Trets, Provence, in 1238. After eight generations of passionate winegrowers, Olivier Sumeire and his sister Sophie Denante own the family estates, which comprise of 300+ hectares of Côtes de Provence.

Olivier and Sophie perpetuate the traditions of their ancestors creating ­distinctive and remarkable wine. They have brought a new focus on sustainability and ­environmental awareness. Thanks to the healthy, airy Provençal climate, the Sumeire family’s vineyards have always benefited from a minimum pesticide approach. This approach is based on the fundamental rule of respecting the environment. Cryptogamic treatments are therefore only applied when there is an established risk of disease, and in ­accordance with weather conditions and the precise nature of the threat. Sumeire wines, thanks to their quality, are regularly quoted in national and ­international guides, magazines; and have been winners of numerous competitions.




Patrick Hospital - AOC Bordeaux Supérieur

Château ­Vircoulon has been a family property for four generations. In 1800, Joël Bedey bought and settled on a small property of 4 hectares 1.5 of which were vines. Joseph (Patrick’s grandfather) than took over, followed by his daughter, Clotilde (Patrick’s mother).

In 1968, they acquire ten additional hectares 5.5 of which were vines. The harvest is brought into a cooperative winery. Originally turned towards polyculture, Patrick Hospital took over the property in 1983, making it a fully viticultural farm and developing ­considerably the vineyard with more than 27 hectares of vines including 5 hectares for white wine. Château Vircoulon is in full compliance with the prestigious Bordeaux appellation.




Jean Riffaud - AOC  Haut-Médoc

The origins of the Château Grand Médoc dates back to the 17th century. The first vines were planted around 1616. After having belonged to importante noble families and having known a splendid period of prosperity and fame in the XIXth century, the castle was bought in 1959 by Denise and Paul Riffaud, the parents of the present owners. The estate is then abandoned, fallen into a great period of discard.

For more than 50 years now, the entire Riffaud family has devoted its time, efforts and above all its unwavering passion to revive and protect their estate. Today Jean and his wife, Marie-José, manage the vineyard. Frédéric, their eldest son, holds the post of cellar wine manager, Vincent, the second, is in charge of the equipment and maintenance of the buildings and Jean-Baptiste, the youngest, takes care of the family vineyard.