Official launch of Nektart Wine at Palais de Tokyo

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Nektart Wine offers a unique experience in the wine ­landscape. This initiative brings together for the first time the best contemporary street artists with a range of French ­vi­­­­­ticulturists­­­ of International renown.

Our concept is to pair each artist with his own specific wine appellation and therefor create singular identities under the same label “Nektart Wine”. As such, each bottle becomes an object of art, and each ­tasting, a celebration of life anchored in taste, culture and the unique experience of their combination.





Nektart Wine More than a company, Nektart Wine is a human experience. It is the brainchild of Guilhem de Castelbajac, passionate art director, and Hubert de Castelbajac, Oenophile and wine connoisseur.

The adventure starts in the summer of 2016 when the two cousins decide, during an animated discussion around a glass of ­Bordeaux, that exceptional wine should be ­associated with ­contemporary art; both stemming from the fruit of ­creativity, passion and expertise. Yet one anchored in history and the other in modernity together creating ­“magic”.

3 - %22We Love Delhi%22 by Lek & Sowat & Hanif Kureshi for St-Art India - Acrylics on concrete - New Delhi 2016 - Photo by Akshat Nauiryal.jpg

"Nektart Wine, the meeting between wine and urban art"



The Castelbajac family originated in Bigorre, a region of France located at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains. The logo NAW is graphic but also is an homage to these very old ­ ­mountains which have been an integral to the family’s 1000-year old history.